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Tamara Wilson
Alaska based installation artist.
art, installation art, sculpture, painting, alaskan artist, Alaska, Fairbanks, Tamara, Tamara Wilson, artist, studio, studio artist,
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And Tuna, 2020

Fairbanks, Alaska

Felt, thread, paper and digital media installation

October, 2020 @ Well Street Art Company 

Macaroni and Cheese, 2020

Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer, AK

Felt, thread, paper installation

February, 2020 following artist residency @ Bunnell Arts

Cody Wyoming, 2017

Fairbanks, Alaska

Felt, thread, mix media installation

September, 2017 @ Allied Arts Gallery

Grilled Cheese and Soup, 2015

Los Angeles, California

Felt, thread installation included in group exhibition Rendezvous

August, 2015 @  Keystone Gallery

Tartu AiR, 2015

Tartu, Estonia

Felt, thread installation

December, 2015 following artist residency @ Tartu AiR

50 Plates, 2014

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Felt, thread, and paper installation

March, 2015 @ Free Style Gallery

Stitch Thought, 2012

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Felt, thread installation

October, 2012 @ CCA